My name is Rosie and I’m a mum to five beautiful children, four energetic, fun boys and one confident and affectionate girl.

My love for sleep started when I had my first son. I became a severely sleep-deprived, first-time mum. I felt myself drowning as I had no immediate family support in Australia to lean on. Not to mention the overwhelming, conflicting advice I got from different health disciplines including family and friends.

That’s when I decided to educate myself on everything sleep related. Eventually after doing extensive research and reading I decided to put what I’ve learned to practice. Within a week I saw results and my son was sleeping through the night. I couldn’t believe it!

Having raised 5 newborns, I quickly learned they all have different temperaments and personalities. I adjusted my approach and customised my sleep methods to suit each one of my children. I do not believe in a one-size-fits all approach to sleep. I provide a customisable program that suits your child based on the information you provide.


& Training

To complement my personal experience, I decided to further my education and qualifications and have undergone comprehensive training to become a Certified Sleep Coach. I also have my degree in Education and am Certified in Positive Discipline as a Parent Educator. Working with families and children has always been a passion of mine.

I am not only passionate about sleep but feel this is my calling. I feel such fulfillment providing support and guidance to families from all parts of the world, resolving their little ones’ sleep issues using proven strategies that work!

I decided to make it my mission to help other sleep deprived parents like my once self, to find peace and enjoyment in parenthood.

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