Sleep is essential to
maximise your potential


Sleep is essential to maximise your potential

We work with sleep-deprived parents like you to help you restore your sleep! 

I am here to guide and support you while implementing customised, gentle, and responsive sleep coaching services.

Need more sleep?

Let me guide and support you through this sleep journey.

I know how fatiguing it can be for parents, with fussy babies, up at all hours of the night, and downright sleep deprived. I was once there. 

Knowing firsthand what you are facing, being a mother of five, I understand how frustrating and exhausting it can be. I will hold your hand through the process as we implement your sleep plan, one step at a time.  

As your certified Baby and Child Sleep Specialist, I will work with you using gentle methods supported by the latest scientific research- making you feel liberated and taking the guesswork out of your already busy life. 

I help families solve their baby’s and child’s sleep struggles. If you are here because you want to understand how to help your baby or child sleep better, then book a free sleep evaluation call.

Sleep Packages

One-on-one personalised support to help you solve your baby's sleep struggles and promote quality sleep. I will hold your hand every step of the way. Your success comes from my constant support once you implement my sleep plan. Let's get you that much needed sleep you deserve!


Newborn Package

Up to 11 Weeks


Nurture Package

3 Months to 2.5 Years

Sweet little child sleeping in bed. Healthy kid, blonde toddler girl, resting in bed in white sunny bedroom.

Blossom Package

2.5 to 6 Years

Free 15 Minute Sleep Evaluation Call

Book a free 15 minute sleep evaluation call to learn more about how I can help with your child's unique sleep difficulties.

Sleep Questions?

Need help troubleshooting a specific sleep issue?

Book a 45-minute chat for only $59!

Perhaps you have a few questions and need help troubleshooting specific challenges such as naps, bedtime struggles, age-appropriate awake windows, regressions, travel tips, daylight savings etc. I offer a 45-minute sleep evaluation where we can go over your specific needs and challenges. 

If after this 45-minute session you’d like to continue to work further with me this can be credited towards a future package. 

Nurture & Blossom

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Nurture & Blossom is placing healthy sleep habits that can be a nurturing experience for your whole family that in turn will help them blossom into healthy and happy children. 

Our focus is to give parents the confidence and peace in their parenting journey. When you are tired, and sleep deprived it is difficult for you to do your best and to be emotionally present. 

Being your Child Sleep Specialist is a great responsibility that I take very seriously. My focus is to meet your goals as a family. Parenting is full of important decision making. Sleep is one of the many aspects of parenting that you can help your baby or child learn. Giving them a great start to life is life changing for everyone in the family. 

I understand that every child and family is different. My approach is not a one size fits all approach. I tailor and accommodate your child’s sleep plan to fit your parenting style. I believe that every child is different and the journey they take to developing healthy bedtime habits will vary. As your Sleep Guide, I provide you with the emotional support and necessary insights that you need during this period of change.

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